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. Private Voice Lessons
Not only do I teach in person at my two studios in both The Woodlands and in Houston (the Galleria area), Texas, I can also teach lessons in your home. I teach all ages, all levels, and all styles.
Learn more about my private vocal instruction…
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. Group Voice Classes
I teach classes the same effective exercises I use with my private clients. Learn to add an entire octave to your range by end of the class. Learn more about upcoming local and online classes …
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. Online Voice Lessons
Voice lessons over-the-web are not only possible and practical, but highly effective and actually preferred by many of my students. Learn more about my online voice lessons...
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Don't forget that PIANO LESSONS are also an option! To find out more, click here…

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Why take voice lessons? Isn't a good singing voice pretty much a "gift" you've either got or you don't?  

Let's answer this question from the standpoint of an athlete. Why would amazing athletes like Tiger Woods, Michael Jordon or Michael Phelps ever need a coach? Because great coaches have shown them how to consistently get to the next level of performance.

Professional singers take voice lessons. Michael Jackson had a voice teacher his entire life. (In fact, the man who taught me to teach was Michael's teacher for 30 years). Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Steven Tyler, Carrie Underwood, and virtually every other professional singer you've ever heard. They may have been talented on their own, but without lessons, they would have been limited vocalists who's voices would have fallen apart given the rigorous performance schedules professional singers have.

I always say that singers who are trained very well have such natural sounding voices, you'd think they were just born with a perfect vocal technique. 

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Interested in hosting a Vocal Seminar or Workshop? 

Directors / Music group leaders / Vocal Instructors: I have a real passion for sharing the practically-learned skills for superior vocal technique in my seminars. I really enjoy working with schools and churches as they work to grow musically as a group. I try to take a fun approach to learning the process of becoming a more solid, skilled singer.

...and my seminars can often be brought to you free of cost! Contact me for info.

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