All study can all be easily done ONLINE!

The Voice Teacher Certification Program will provide you with:

- Training in the vocal teaching methods to make you one of the most sought-after teachers in your area.

- Help in kick-starting your studio with no financial risk to you, helping you expand your studio teaching schedule until it is as full as you want it to be.

- Licensing rights for the Sing With Power Complete Vocal Training Program, allowing you to provide it for your students at a discounted price, and/or receive payment of as much as 100% of all training product sales that are generated through your studio if you so choose.

- Ongoing student referrals via company contacts, Master Teacher personal appearances, and company-sponsored advertising and events.

- Allowing you retain your autonomy as an independent teacher, or, in other words, the freedom to run your teaching studio, your way!

If you love singing, and you believe you'd love helping people achieve their goals of singing with a better, stronger, effortless sounding voice, then becoming a singing instructor may very well be the right career path for you! And becoming certified only costs the same as taking regular voice lessons… or even less!


The Sing With Power Voice Teacher Certification Program is a self-paced training program for voice teachers or for those who would like to become voice teachers. It involves personalized training in vocal technique for your voice, and expanded training on applying the principles of great singing technique to your students' voices. It can be done completely online through personal training, as well as through training videos. And the only cost is the same as taking regular voice lessons!

Never taught voice lessons before? That's ok! Every voice teacher who ever taught started by teaching his/her first voice student. You just need training on how to teach, and (if you've never taught before) how to begin teaching! Part of the program is geared toward helping you build your number of students to the amount you want, whatever that number is for you.

There are three teacher levels within the program:

- Certified Teacher - 1st Lvl Typically earns $20k-80K+ per year teaching 10-40 hrs per week.

- Advanced Teacher - 2nd Lvl Typically earns $30k-120k+ per year teaching 10-40 hrs per week.

- Professional Teacher - 3rd Lvl Can earn $60k-160k+ per year teaching 15-40 hrs per week.

Here is a brief article Eric wrote several years back: HOW TO BECOME A VOICE TEACHER by Eric Bruner