Private IN-STUDIO and IN-HOME Voice Lessons with Eric

Private IN-STUDIO and IN-HOME Voice Lessons with Eric

Private IN-STUDIO and IN-HOME Voice Lessons with Eric

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Eric Bruner has the tools and experience that helped me accomplish (my) goals by teaching me to sing and speak with confidence, with the full range and power of my true voice.
Jeff Miller, Actor/Performer
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I teach in person at my two studios in both The Woodlands and in Houston, Texas. I can also come to your location to teach lessons in your home, if that works better for you. To learn a little about in-home lessons work, click here. Finally, I also teach via webcam. For more info on Online Lessons, click here.

My goal is to help students find their most natural, confident singing voice, with more vocal freedom, range and strength.

Is studying voice lessons over the internet on Skype as effective as in-studio voice lessons in Houston or The Woodlands, Texas? Yes. While most of my "Skype students" are from all over the world, even some of my local students study via Skype, though they could easily come to the studio in person. They like the convenience of taking the lesson at home, and they can still get a recorded version of the lesson for practicing between lessons. There are those who prefer in-studio lessons. It's just a personal preference. Give it a try!

Don't forget that PIANO LESSONS are also an option! To find out more, click here…

I enjoy working with students of all ages and every skill level. The lessons are designed to be fun, but more importantly, highly effective. Within the first few minutes I'll explain the approach and then begin the training process. 

Even in their first lesson, students experience
greater range and vocal ease as they are led through the first few exercises. By the end of the lesson, they have already experienced their voices singing better than they thought possible. 

Students who come to me from other teachers in the very first lesson typically feel two things, in succession. First, excitement that
they are shown that they have far more vocal range, power and ease than they had been taught before. Second, they feel a bit annoyed that they'd spent all of that time and money on lessons that never introduced them to such a practical, effective, fast way to learn to improve their singing. 

In-Studio Students: Each lesson is recorded so students have a personal vocal workout recording. This enables students to have an up-to-date vocal workout for practice between lessons. They simply sing along with the recording at home or in the car to properly apply the techniques and lessons learned.  

Students notice their
voices getting stronger and more relaxed as they sing through the lesson recordings each day. It really is that easy! 

It is my goal to work myself out of a job by striving to teach students to be their own best teacher. In other words, I want my students to quickly identify their own unique vocal struggles and apply the right solution to rebalance their voices.

My two studios for voice lessons are within minutes of Katy, Sugarland, Conroe, and Spring, Texas.

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Testimonials About In-Studio Private Lessons...

...about in-Studio lessons "I started studying with Eric after two years of minimal progress with another instructor. Within 6 months, I had significantly improved range, power, and flexibility. After 8 months, I was doing a sound check for a church performance. While balancing the voice and instruments, the engineer kept turning my microphone down until he finally switched off his equipment and said "he doesn't need the microphone anymore." Eric helps you improve by giving specific, targeted exercises rather than vague imagery. His direct approach to voice instruction allows you to improve quickly." - George Zener, Houston, TX
...about in-Studio lessons "Eric is so enthusiastic about his students' progress! That is very important to me because my voice makes money for me. Being in musical theatre for 27 years, I know proper technique is everything. He's taught me that even at my age and experience, I still have to take care of my voice with proper technique and knowledge. He also showed me that I had a least 4 extra high notes I didn't even know existed for me....Thanks, Eric!!!" - John Gardner, Actor/Singer/Performer, Dallas/Houston, TX 
...about in-Studio lessons "After my first session with Eric I was very excited about his teaching technique. I was able to see a difference in my vocal range after only a couple of lessons. Eric is wonderful in explaining how you practice each exercise. Now that I have the ability to mix the head and chest voice, I am able to sing higher notes without straining. Thanks Eric!" - Arthurene Walker, Houston, TX 
...about in-Studio lessons "Eric, I just wanted to tell you that although I've only had two lessons with you, I have applied the advice you have given me to the shows I've been doing lately and I've made a lot of progress. I have been singing less hard and concentrating on "pure" singing and the results have been great!" - Steve Steele, Artist/Performer, Houston TX
I am able to sing higher notes without straining.
Arthurene Walker
...about in-Studio lessons "As a performing artist you, want two things. The first is to perform consistently, at your very highest level, night after night. The second is to perform at this desired level in a relaxed manner, void of physical tension. Eric Bruner has the tools and experience that helped me accomplish these goals by teaching me to sing and speak with confidence, with the full range and power of my true voice. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish, and you will quickly notice, as I did, the benefits on stage and in your daily life." - Jeff Miller, Actor/Performer
...about in-Studio lessons "Eric helped me use my voice in ways I never imagined. Now I can sing high notes with a power behind it that I never thought possible. By mixing the head voice with the chest voice, I never feel that I am straining to reach those notes. Instead, it feels like my voice is naturally reaching them. Eric helped me have fun with my voice and try new things. He encouraged me to audition for the Houston Symphony Chorus and helped me make it. I learned so much vocal technique from him and continue to sing using the principles he showed me. Thank you so much, Eric! I couldn't have sung second alto and first soprano without you!" - Sarah Celeste, Austin, TX
...about in-Studio lessons "Being a new singer and never having had lessons before, I was apprehensive when I began looking for a voice teacher. Since I wasn't a professional singer, I was worried about finding someone who would be willing to work with me to develop better control of my voice and maximize my abilities. Eric Bruner immediately put me at ease. He explained the process in detail and told me what to expect. His easy-going personality and extensive vocal and musical knowledge were very reassuring as we began to break the old "bad" habits and replace them with proper technique. Almost immediately, I was able to add several steps to my middle range and began to close the gaps between my middle and high ranges. I also felt more power behind the notes and began to feel more confident in my singing." - Pat Davis, Houston, TX
...about in-Studio lessons "I have been in choir all through middle school, high school and some college, but I'd always struggled with the high tenor range and never could seem to hit those notes without being flat or yelling them out. I started to believe that my voice was meant to be baritone and never tenor. After studying with Eric and having to unlearn what I'd been taught in choir throughout my school years, I am now having a lot of fun singing in the high tenor range. I can hit those high notes with ease and not have to struggle or sound like I'm yelling. Last year, I auditioned for the Houston Masterworks Chorus and received an invitation to perform in their tenor section. I am so grateful to have found Eric's teachings and I look forward to more improvement." - Marcos Perez, Houston, TX

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