Complete Vocal Training Online Library

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Eric developed a vocal training program based on what he wished he had when he was first learning to sing. He poured in every exercise, tool, trick, skill, approach, analogy and educational idea that he's used with his own students for years.

Eric truly wants you to improve your singing dramatically. You'll sing higher, more easily and with more control than ever before which is why he's giving you a full 30 days of the online streaming version of the program for FREE. He's that confident that if you spend just a little time daily working on this program, it will absolutely bring you terrific, "voice changing" results.

GUARANTEE: If you don't love the results you're getting with the Premium Level Online Program Access Version of The Sing With Power TOTAL Training Package, cancel in the first 30 days and pay nothing. Even after that, you can cancel anytime with no future charges, but I don't think you'll want to... it's that good!

The entire Sing With Power Vocal Training Program includes:

- 1 Full Assessment Lesson, assessing 6 different vocal skills: upper range, lower range, breath control, vibrato, vocal break areas, ear training, along with further vocal instruction addressing the 8 most important terms you need to train your voice.

- 9 Lessons with 3 tiers of training, as follows:

- 3 Beginner Level Training CDs (individually tailored to take you down the best of 3 paths to eliminating breaks for you)

- 3 Advanced Level CDs Training CDs (expanding range)

- 3 Professional Level Training CDs (strength and stamina)

- 3 Levels of Vocal Warmup and Workout Sessions

- 3 Levels of Song Application Sessions (showing you how to apply your new-found vocal skills directly to the music you love to sing!)

- 6 Bonus Instruction Sections within the programs, addressing the subjects of Eliminating Stage Fright, Choosing the Right Key to Sing in, Avoiding Vocal Damage, Improving Your Speaking Voice, Improving Your Pitch, and Maintaining a Healthy Voice.

- The entire 3 lesson PERFECT VIBRATO Training Program

- An additional Vocal Warm-up Lesson

- Eric's Full Breath Control lesson