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BEFORE & AFTERS is a new area of the site, so I need your before and after videos and recordings. If I use your before & after recordings on my website, I'd be pleased to reward you with a $500 gift certificate to use toward any of my vocal training! You can use it for private lessons, vocal classes or Sing With Power training products. If you want, you can mix and match, it's up to you.

To submit before and after recording, make the before and after recordings into youtube videos, then send me the links in an email identifying the product or personal training of mine you used, and the timeframe from the "before" recording to the "after" recording - that's it! 

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Win $500 in free vocal training sessions with me, and/or Sing With Power training products!

Win $500 in free vocal training sessions with me, and/or Sing With Power training products!

It's best if you can record the same section of a song rather than two different songs, that way it's easy to hear the improvement back to back. It doesn't have to be a full song, in fact, it may be just a chorus. We just want to hear the improvement you made from before you used the product, until after. Also, I'd love your before and afters recorded after a class or private lessons with me.

Please don't submit overly mixed recordings. In other words,
make them honest, true representations of your singing. No auto-tuning, voice doubling, etc. It's ok to clean up the mix a little, but your voice should be very clear and not mixed with vocal doubling

I'm really looking forward to hearing how your voice has improved!

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