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Eric Bruner
has been teaching voice lessons for almost 25 years, specializing in vocal technique, (how you use your voice when you sing), allowing singers to sing any style of music with the same comfortable, confident and effortless voice they use when simply speaking. He was taught by, and made an associate teacher of Seth Riggs over 25 years ago. Seth’s amazing teaching helped singers like Michael Jackson, Barbara Streisand and Stevie Wonder, and has guided Eric’s approach to teaching ever since.
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How to sing the high notes:
Sing with a more powerful voice:
- My approach to teaching

Singing should feel as easy as speech… it's that simple. No matter if you're singing high notes, or low notes, loud or soft notes, your throat, jaw and tongue should be as tension free and natural feeling as when you're speaking.

I teach a vocal technique (the way you use your voice when you sing) which allows this free and clear singing throughout a singer's range, without tension or the fear of "cracking". It can be applied to every style of music all without any strain in the voice. Any age, any experience level will advance. 

The power of this singing technique is not only the result - a clear, comfortable, effortless voice - but it's also the process, a process that is natural, fun and fast. It's not full of boring technical stuff that goes on for months and years.
Before I began teaching about 25 years ago, he knew I wanted give performers a powerful singing technique that can quickly be applied to every musical style, no matter their age or experience level. It has been my professional life ambition to provide students with just that. The technique I learned and now teach allows singing to be as natural and easy as speaking. The techniques have been used to win 100's of Grammys because they produce an effortless, yet powerful sound.

All too often, many singers have vocal damage or chronic vocal fatigue facilitated by poor voice teaching. Many of these students come to me from other teaching studios with vocal polyps, nodules and pre-nodules, pre-hemorrhage and even vocal paralysis conditions. I've worked with the country's top laryngologists and vocal surgeons to help "reverse the effects" of students' chronic vocal problems by singing/speaking with an improved vocal technique. (Visit the Vocal Health and Vocal Care area for more details about vocal disorders).

How I began voice teaching:

- A little about me

Hi! I'm Eric Bruner. For almost 25 years, I've had the privilege to have worked with thousands of performers who study with me from all over the world. I teach in-studio at my two locations in Houston and in The Woodlands, Texas. I also work with students who come to me from all over the globe via online over-the-web Skype lessons.

Originally from Detroit, I enjoyed being a "Jack of all styles" singer/musician for over 15 years. I was a professional musician performing Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Gospel, Musical Theater, Commercial and Studio work, along with being very involved in Contemporary Christian music. While I very much loved to perform, I found myself drawn much more to the joy of teaching. Vocal instruction eventually became my primary passion, and so I've poured my time and energies into teaching singers to become, well… better singers!

As a teacher of voice lessons, I routinely work with professional and non-professional vocalists of all ages performing R&B, Gospel, Rock, Opera, Musical Theater, Jazz, Pop, Country, Rap, Tejano, Contemporary Christian and more.

My students have worked with such stars as Celine Dion, Billy Joel, Christina Aguilera, Amy Winehouse, Shakira, Alicia Keys, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, J.Lo, Prince, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Paul Simon, Harry Connick Jr., Paula Abdul, and others who are signed to such labels as Sony, Capitol, MCA, High Street, Cash Money, Warner Brothers, and Atlantic Records.

My clients include record label recording artists, and many students with solo and group CD projects to their credit. They regularly perform on national and international television, and perform for live audiences of thousands. They are chosen for lead roles in movies, Broadway shows, Musical Theater and Opera productions, perform in top bands, symphony choruses and movies, and do extensive commercial singing and speaking work.

Even though this is true, you're more likely to hear me brag on behalf of a student who simply wants to sing the lead in the musical, or perform at a club for several hours without losing his/her voice, or sing in the worship team at church, or sing lead in their band, or pursue a solo singing career.


Because many of these are some of my best vocal students with powerful, clear voices and terrific vocal range and control. They all came to me wanting to learn how to sing better so they can perform at a level that surpassed every other performer around them.... and now they do! I really enjoy getting to be a small part of their experience.

My love for people and the potential of the voice within every student continues to push me toward the pursuit of the highest level of excellence in my voice teaching that I can achieve.

I enjoy teaching any age, both young kids as well as adults. I enjoy teaching every level of student, from beginner to professional. I also specialize in working with singers with various vocal disorders. I've worked in conjunction with ENT’s, Vocal Pathologists and Speech Therapists, to help singers with vocal disorders regain their vocal range, strength and control. (Visit the Vocal Health and Vocal Care area for more details about vocal disorders).


- Singing Different Styles

Want to perform professionally? Or at least have the ability to sing confidently in the musical style and setting you’ve chosen?

To be successful in any one style of music, first you’ll need to sing with a vocal technique which allows you more power, control and freedom.  This singing technique will absolutely do that for you. Next comes finding performance opportunities, forging contacts, making demos/albums, finding an agent, a producer, an entertainment lawyer, a performance coach, marketing tools, studio time, rehearsal time and space, and the list goes on. Much of this depends on the style of music and the aspect of the business you decide to pursue.

Don't let it overwhelm you! Just take it one step at a time.

Keep in mind that you can always sing more than one style, but you’ll often have to develop multiple “fan bases” and find different industry promotion professionals specializing in, for instance, Rock, R & B and Country as opposed to Musical Theater, Jazz or Tejano.

It doesn’t matter if you sing R & B, Country, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Musical Theater, Gospel, Contemporary Christian, Tejano, Classical, or other styles. To have a successful career in music, you have to know what the audience and industry are looking for, including: the exceptional vocal and performance skills to capture your audience with emotional intensity, a great look, a distinctive sound, creative songs, a superior understanding of recording studio singing techniques, and the list goes on.
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"I learned more in this morning's seminar about how to "connect" into my higher notes (and I actually did it!) than I have in 2 1/2 years with my current teacher.... I mean my former teacher now!" - Tim Lord, Class Attendee

Two locations for voice lessons in Houston, Katy, Sugarland, The Woodlands, Conroe and Spring.